Impactivate Networks


Impactivate Networks originally presented an elaborate plan to Atlantic City to connect and transform the Boardwalk and other high traffic locations through the use of high-resolution 9mm digital displays. This was a concept that had been explored in many other cities but has never been fully implemented in a digital Out Of Home experience. Our business plan was originally based on a CPM model (cost per thousand) and relied on high pedestrian traffic counts, location proximity, and events. This was the genesis of the idea but our platform dramatically changed into a connected, ultra “smart”, opportunity for brands to connect products, with people in a unique and powerful way.

Additionally, the Impactivate Network model is mobile, scalable and can be exported, to any city, because of its event based centric approach and the various layers of immersive technologies. All cities that promote events as a basis for economic impact for the business community, will embrace the concept from a revenue share perspective. However, Impactivate also brings WiFi and high tech security, found only in major venues, to the street level utilizing state of the art cameras and big data collating systems. This is highly attractive to governments, beyond revenue sharing, and offers cities security expertise and function they could not otherwise afford.